A better way to inform your clients.

(?), n.: News, advice, or knowledge, communicated by other or obtained by personal study and investigation; intelligence;
knowledge derived from reading, observation, or instruction.

Does the abundance of information you provide get lost on a bulletin board?

Do your flyers and notes lack full color graphics and sound?

How can you get everyone the information at the same time?

We have the solution!

The Community Channel System is an information broadcast product. With this product each person in the building can turn their TV to the private channel to see what is going on in and around the building. Lunch menus, events, and even instructions during emergencies are displayed by a computer in a “Slide Show” style presentation with audio on any TV connected to cable.

What are the uses?

Daily Menus


Directions to activities

Birthday announcements


Posting Board Meeting information


Forecasts & Bad Weather instructions

Fire instructions



Providing your customers with an information community channel is definitely
a great benefit, it's easy to operate..

The system setup is designed to use very little floor space
and easily adaptable to existing wiring.

The community channel products we provide have almost endless possibilities.

We provide our clients with one of the best broadcast channel systems available.

Broadcast picture in picture is also available to let you watch two different sources
at the same time on one channel. (i.e. your community channel and a lobby camera)

Resources required:

The information you already have

The ability to be creative with colors and graphics for your customers viewing

A television to receive the on-site community channel.

Channel Deletion Filters page

Need more info?

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